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classical elegance.

The story
behind VanDijck

VanDijck E-bikes portray elegance through the rich cycling history of the Dutch and are inspired by the 17th century Flemish Baroque artist, Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Van Dyck's genius works of art are known for their smooth and elegant finishes with extensive and brilliant uses of the color palette.

The same elegance and refinement can be found within the designs of VanDijck e-bikes. With graceful touches to low step bike frames and quality mid motor assistance, VanDijck e-bikes aim to provide a stylish and modern representation of an elegant riding experience.

The VanDijck people

In addition to the constant drive for innovation, the strength of our organization lies in the people who work there. People with a passionate passion and ambition for the product. With our small but close-knit team, we work together in every area. For example, our representatives are regularly in the workshop. And our mechanics in the office. Everything to make our bikes just that little bit better at the end of the day than the day before.

Van Dyck dealers

But the collaboration does not stop with the people within the VanDijck organisation. This also includes our dealers. VanDijck's exclusive dealer network is selected for the reliability and expertise of the proudest bicycle sellers. This way we can guarantee quality from the first ride. Thanks to the smooth communication and constant feedback, we have an excellent picture of the market and we can act quickly in case of problems. Are you curious about a dealer near you? View our current overview of our reliable dealers online.

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More techs


Developments in the electric bicycle market are moving fast. And this is exactly where VanDijck excels. It is in our DNA to be constantly looking for the latest developments and to apply them directly to our e-bikes. Our experienced engineers do this together with our software and engine manufacturers. This way we can offer you the latest technology in the field of new batteries, innovative frames and powerful motors.


Kreutzer 2.0 Motors

For the past few years, Kreutzer has continued to undergo extreme and rigorous NVH tests (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) on its motors. Our first-generation self-developed mid drive motors are engineered to set a new industry standard in durability, we stand by this with a standardized 5-year warranty on all our Kreutzer 2.0 motors. They are capable to withstand even the toughest challenges of mountain biking, and the lifespan is three times longer than the typical city/trekking type motors in the market.

Belt drive

Our belt-driven e-bikes feature a cutting-edge design that replaces the conventional chain, offering unparalleled performance and durability. Crafted from UV-resistant and weather-resistant polyurethane wrapped around a carbon core, the belt is a seamless one-piece without any stretch. This system is incredibly lightweight, robust, whisper-quiet, and exceptionally clean. It eliminates the need for lubrication and resists dirt build-up, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your surroundings. Its durability will surprise you.


When it comes to electric bikes, the battery plays a vital role in ensuring an enjoyable ride. The VanDijck e-bikes are equipped with Kreutzer batteries that have high power capacity in term of Ah/Wh as also upgrade levels, familiar at our dealers as the more higher levels in cycling industry.

Professional Support

Our VanDijck e-bikes are matched with the best service from our dealers. Selecting only certified dealers, we ensure that you are greeted at our designated dealer stores with the warmest welcomes and professionalism to guide you through the entire process.

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Do you think you can be an addition to our company and are you motivated to work for us? Send your motivation letter and CV to hr@timyocycle.com attn. Marieke Gijzen. We will then contact you as soon as possible!